All New Blockbusters, hosted by Simon Mayo is the iconic quiz where players have to win their way across a board of hexagons by answering general knowledge questions. The game is played by three contestants – a team of two versus a single player.

To win the players have to make a connection across the board. The single contestant plays from top to bottom and the pair play from side to side. There are 20 hexagons on the board, each featuring a single letter. The players chose the hexagon they want to play for by asking the host for the letter on it – “I’ll have an ‘A’ please”- and the host then asks a general knowledge question which has an answer starting with that letter.

If a player gets the question right they win that hexagon and are one step closer to completing their connection across the board. And when they make that connection that’s Blockbusters!

It’s the best of three so this game can be played up to two more times. The winner then gets to take part in the prize Gold Run. If it’s the pair win they have to select which of them will play their first Gold Run.

For the Gold Run the player takes their place on the ‘hot spot’. They face a similar board of 20 hexagons but this time each one features multiple letters such as ‘ESP’. It’s against the clock and to win they have to complete a route side to side in under 60 seconds. If they succeed there’s a Gold Run prize.

The winner(s) stay on and the a new opponent is introduced. Then it’s back to the Blockbusters board again. Winners can stay on for a maximum of five Gold Runs – which have escalating prizes. Losers get a special Blockbusters branded prize and £5 for every question they’ve answered correctly.

Simon is a fantastic host and breathes life into the format – we do miss Bob, though!


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