Bullseye Fashion Week Day 1!



Monday, 18th September

Hey there fashionista darts fans! It’s Polly Esther here reporting from Bullseye Fashion Week, bringing you all the gossip and hot buzz from what’s proving to be the most sought after ticket in town. Let me tell you, the atmosphere here is absolutely electric…although that might be down to the static from all the nylon shirts gathering in the VIP area. The House of Bowen may not be unveiling their collection until 11 o’clock tonight but the crowd is already building outside the television studio trying every trick in the book to get in – I can exclusively reveal that a number of A-Listers have already been turned away – if you’re name’s not down then you’re not coming INNNNNNNNNNNNN one…trust me – it is ALL going down!

And there is fevered speculation as to the hot trends we’re likely to see stepping up to the oche for tonight’s show. Designers have been sketching feverishly after spotting Jim Bowen in a timeless preppy sartorial blazer and tie combination while buffing up a speedboat in the back parking lot. Hemlines will be as high as the scores the contestants will be aiming for, although a strong double denim rumour has been firmly denied by the programme’s producers – the official quote is that there’ll be ‘only double top tonight.’ The big talking point though is accessories, statement pieces that make a statement and more besides – and if you haven’t got a pair then get yourself some glasses! Yep, you can keep your Kardashians, tonight the only fashion icon to worship is Deidre Barlow – these specs are on fire, and that’s the truth. Horn rimmed, large lensed optician opulence – you heard it here first so get on board Jim Bunnies! Also, bold colour choices are being embraced – I’ve just finished an exclusive interview with one of tonight’s contestants who is combining a Madge Bishop bouffant with some strong pink eyeware – a true trendsetter!

So this is Polly Esther signing off for now – I’ll see you here at 11 tonight for truly the 9 dart finish of fashion. Tweet us @ChallengeTV or comment on Facebook – let us know if you think that last season is really this season! Now, I’m just going to open the exclusive gift bag that’s been given to every lucky guest for tonight’s show….electric knitting machine…a hostess trolley…a midi hifi…I have no idea how I’ll get all this home. I came on the bus.


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