Bullseye Fashion Week Day 2!



Well hey there Jim Bunnies! It’s Polly Esther here, back with all of Day 2’s hot buzz from Bullseye Fashion Week. Well there was only three words to describe yesterday’s opening extravaganza wasn’t there…
I’m sorry, that should have read SUPER. SMASHING. GREAT… (Does anyone know how to turn autocorrect off…?) Anyway – the reviews are in, and The House of Bowen’s opening collection has been an undisputed triumph!

‘Late night quizzing mixed with arrow elegance – timeless…’ Woman’s Realm
‘Raise your glasses game if you want to get that boyfriend – no bull!’ My Guy
‘Not even a 170 checkout could top this – bully for all of us!’ Amateur Arrowthrower

So day 2 is upon us and the anticipation is building for what’s in store at 11 o’clock tonight. Champagne is flowing at 1985 prices and the crowd is awash with bri-nylon and rumour – has The House of Bowen already overshot the oche? Surely they can’t come back with another night as strong as the first…well hold up and don’t be so half empty with your tankards there Jim Bunnies – it’s true that the fashion standard on Monday was set with brightly coloured spectacles and hair so big it’s a wonder they heard the questions, but tonight that bar has been RAISED – the collars are bigger, the prints are bolder, and if it’s not a matching print then it’s not a super smashing print! Yes tonight shirts take centre stage, but what are we going to see – that’s the question everyone’s asking! My sources have heard various rumours flying around, batwing could be a thing, and as for pussy bow – well you never know! I can however exclusively reveal the boldest statement of the night – we know that Bullseye is all about the double top, and in a cheeky salute to darts two contestants have decided to reflect this with matching outfits – a purple botanical bifocal confection! It’s a good job they’ve got name tags on otherwise Jim won’t know who wants Affairs for fifty pounds…

So, this is Polly Esther signing off for now, join us at 11pm tonight for another Bullseye Fashion Extravaganza, Tweet us @ChallengeTV or follow us on Facebook and share your highlights…in the meantime Jim Bunnies remember the one golden rule – always make the oche your runway and throw your arrows with style!



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