Bullseye Fashion Week Day 3!



Oche Oche Oche! Oi! Oi! Oi! Well my little Jim Bunnies the chanting has already begun in anticipation for day 3 of Bullseye Fashion Week – it’s Polly Esther here once more with all the latest news and hot buzz from THE place to be for all you quiz lovers and darts fans. So, what have we learned from the week so far…

1. If you want to raise your game, get glasses – the bigger the better!

2. If it’s not a clashing print then it’s not a super smashing print!

3. Half a dozen eggs, kitchen roll, orange juice (don’t get smooth).

(Sorry, not sure how my shopping list made its way in there.)

So, onwards with our arrows education – what’s the rumour for tonight? Well, if you thought that BFH stood for Bus Fare Home think again – for one night only it’s Bouffant, Farrah Flicked Hairstyles. Yes, hair with flair, hair with flares, poodle perms, page boy cuts and mullets take centre stage this evening…big bold hair, hair so big it’s a wonder anyone will be able to hear the questions…how many times can I say hair in one paragraph? Let’s go for one more – HAIR!
The rules for this evening are – there are no rules. Get out the lacquer and stack a barnet that’s something to be talked about – don’t bounce out – blow out! And fellas, if you have time between now and 11 o’clock then grow a ponytail – yes some truly OUTRAGEOUS fashion moves are being busted out this evening! And look out for plenty of beehives – rhyming slang for scoring two fives wouldn’t you know – keep that one in your back pocket for your next pub quiz…you’re welcome. Remember what they say, the higher the hair, the closer to Tony….at least I think that’s what they say…the aerial’s a bit loose on my television.
So it’s Polly Esther signing off – see you at 11pm tonight and Tweet us @ChallengeTV or follow us on Facebook and let us know what styles you might try yourselves – don’t just go for bit off the double top – go for the full Shanghai Finish!


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