Bullseye Fashion Week Day 4!



Hey Jim Bunnies! It’s Polly Esther coming to you live with the latest buzz on what’s truly been the nine dart finish of fashion eleganza so far – and knock me down with a 32 piece bone china dinner service if we haven’t got another 2 days to go! The House of Bowen’s bold designs are already influencing collections across the globe, mullets in Milan…poodle perms in Paris…pick any catwalk and you can’t hear yourself for the clack clack of a court shoe…truly the Bullseye brand is going places we’d like Jim, places we’d like!
So what is tonight’s show going to bring us that we couldn’t have possibly seen already?! You just know that Jim’s got something in his back pocket for us – and it’s not just the BFH. You’ve got the time it takes for the board to revolve to place your guesses…

…..It takes longer than you think it does, doesn’t it?…..
…..Is it stuck?
…..Ah there we are.

Well tonight be prepared for a shock…can’t be helped, it’s the material – some dresses to truly die for darlings! And here’s the gossip for tonight – when Jim says, “Stay out of the black” he really means it, there’s some bold bright colours coming your way!
So the questions are set, the oche is being ironed, and the tankards have been given a right good buffing – we’re all set for 11 o’clock – this is Polly Esther wishing that all your 120 checkouts always end with a double top….until this evening!



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