Bullseye Fashion Week – The Finale!



Jim Bunnies, this is Polly Esther reporting to you live from Bullseye Fashion Week’s closing Gala – and honey, if you think you’ve seen everything there is to see so far then babies, you don’t know Bullseye…NEVER have I been so open mouthed since Carol Vorderman was 2 consonants and a vowel away from going post watershed.

We’ve just witnessed a GAME-CHANGING fashion moment stepping up to the oche for tonight’s show at 11 o’clock, this week we’ve gone mad for mullets and man-made fibres, got up out of our seats for clashing prints and matching prints and wore sensible heels that gave us all the feels…


Two words for you Jim Bunnies – SHELL SUIT.
Four more words for you – SHIRT UNDER SHELL SUIT.

Now I don’t know about you but in my fashion rule book this raises the bar, the game AND the Victoria sponge all in one go – what’s baking got to do with it? I don’t know – I failed Home Economics. But one thing I do know is that I’m hungry for more…so let’s feast on some fashion forward darts play one last time, let out our waistbands and INDULGE….

So this is your Darts Diva Polly Esther signing off for the last time after what’s truly been a Fashion Week to remember. So many highlights, lowlights and the occasional blue rinse from the audience…what’s been your favourite look Jim Bunnies – tell us! Tweet @ChallengeTV or leave a comment on Facebook and share your passion for The House of Bowen’s fashion!

Now I’ve heard a rumour that after John and Jack from the Granada Television region couldn’t manage 101 with their 6 darts last night their speedboat’s going for a very reasonable price – I’m just going to meet Jim in the car park. I’ve got a couple of crisp tenners…it’ll take me just two minutes to count them out.



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