Fifteen to One


Back from 6th May at 7.30am

Fifteen to One is a simple yet compelling show. Hosted by William G Stewart, 15 contestants start off with three lives and the idea is not to lose lives by not getting the questions wrong! It originally ran from 1988 – 2003.

Round one began with each of the fifteen contestants being asked two questions each. If they got one wrong they lost a life but if they got both of them wrong they were automatically eliminated.

Round two was slightly different, a veritable mental duel meeting Hot Potato. A player was asked a question. If they got it wrong they lost a life. If they got it right they nominated whoever they wanted to answer the next question. If that person got it wrong the nominator got to choose somebody else. This kept going until there were only three people left.

After the break, the three people left were given a single point for every life they had left before the break and a clean set of three lives. The idea now was to get a high a score as possible. This round had forty questions and each answer was worth ten points. The first questions were on the buzzers but as soon as somebody got over thirty points it changed to ‘Question or Nominate’. If they chose ‘Question’ they took a question themselves, to build up their score, and if they chose ‘Nominate’ somebody else took the question. No matter what your score, if you lost your three lives you were out.

When there was only one person left they were the winner but they were allowed to answer as many of the remaining questions as they could to build up their score and if they made it past the 40th question they were given a ten-point bonus for every life they had left.

At the end of the series the top fifteen scoring players battled it out in the ultimate duel which was the Grand Final for a piece of two-thousand year old pot, usually.


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