Fun House


Fun House is a ‘whole lot of fun’ where two teams battle it out to win the chance to enter the Fun House and retrieve the fabulous prizes within.

The Red Team and the Yellow Team each comprise of a boy and girl from the same secondary school. Pat Sharp is the zany host of the show and enthusiastic cheerleaders Melanie and Martina Grant encourage the teams every step of the way.

Three physical challenges and three general knowledge questions allow the teams to build up their points. The challenges change from week to week but always result in the contestants being covered in gunge. The team who wins each challenge receives 25 points. Each general knowledge question is also worth 25 points.

The final round is the Fun Kart Grand Prix. The teams compete in a go kart race around the studio. As they speed round the track, the teams are tasked with collecting tokens which are worth game-changing, bonus points. The fastest team also receives 25 points.

After the excitement of the Fun Kart Grand Prix, the team with the least points is proclaimed the losers and sent home with consolation goodies. The team with the highest score gets two minutes inside the Fun House.

The contestants must conquer a thrilling series of obstacles, slides, tunnels and ball pits to collect the hidden prize tags. Each contestant can collect a maximum of three tags before they have to come out and let their team mate go in. One of the tags represents the Power Prize but the contestants don’t know which one. If the team inadvertently scoops up the Power Prize they must answer a general knowledge question correctly in order to take home the star prize.

This is a gunge filled, action packed game show full of laughs!


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