Golden Balls


Hosted by Brummie comedian Jasper Carrott, each episode four players compete for potentially life changing money in a game of luck, lies, truth and bluff.

Great to watch, but complicated to explain, 12 Golden balls are selected at random from the Golden Bank (a bank of 100 Golden Balls containing cash amounts ranging from £10 to £75,000). To these 12 cash balls 4 dreaded killer balls are added. The 16 balls are then mixed up in the Ball Machine and randomly distributed between the 4 players. Each player then has to reveal 2 balls to the other players, but their other 2 balls remain for their eyes only. After each player has revealed 2 of their 4 balls they then have to debate, argue and plea to work out who has the worst four balls. After the debate each player secretly votes for which player and set of balls they’d like to leave the game. Whoever receives the most votes is out of the game and their 4 balls are binned.

Next, the remaining 12 balls are put back into the ball machine and 1 killer and 2 cash balls are added making a total of 15 balls. Each of the three remaining players receives 5 balls each. As before 2 are opened for all to see but the other 3 are for their eyes only. The same process of discussion and voting takes place leaving 2 players and 10 balls to go through to the third part of the show – Bin or W

For this penultimate stage 1 final killer ball is added to the 10 balls that the two players have brought through. Contained in these 11 balls are the Golden Five – the five balls that make up the jackpot. The players take it turn to randomly pick a ball to Bin and then a Ball to Win. The binned balls are out of the game and the won balls make up the jackpot. If at any point they pick a killer ball to win it will divide all the money they’ve accumulated so far by 10.

Split or Steal – Having built up their jackpot they have to find out who will take it home. Each player has 2 final balls. Written inside one is the word Split, inside the other, the word Steal. Each player chooses a ball to play, if they both choose Split they share the jackpot 50/50. If one Splits and the other Steals, the Stealer gets the lot and the splitter gets nothing. If they both Steal they both get nothing.

Trust us – watch the show and all will be clear!


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