Considered by many as cult viewing and with a ardent fanbase, fantasy adventure game show Knightmare features teams of four children (a “dungeoneer” and three guides) attempting to pass out of the dungeons and through Knightmare Castle by completing various quests along the way in order to secure their survival and release .

Simple? Not so…

Created by Tim Child and known for its use of blue screen chroma key as well as virtual reality interactive gameplay, the dungeoneer wears a helmet and has to be instructed by the remaining team mates watching from a screen in an antechamber. Across 3 levels the teams encounter various other dungeon inhabitants who may, or not prove helpful to them. They must collect a selection of items, complete puzzles and potentially even hitch a lift on a dragon, all in order to find a specific piece of treasure in order to master the dungeon and win a prize.

Over-seeing the action is Dungeon Master Treguard (played throughout all 8 series by Hugo Myatt) offering sage words to the advisers, all the while keeping a close eye on the dungoneer’s Life Force levels.







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