Lily Savage’s Blankety Blank


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Following in the footsteps of Terry Wogan and Les Dawson, Lily Savage steps into the role of host and chief of the double entendre in new to Challenge Lily Savage’s Blankety Blank.

Saturdays from 4pm we’ve got a double bill for you, so you can really appreciate the wonders of the theme tune and the celebrities who, as it turns out, aren’t always as hopeful (or bright) as the contestants might hope.

In terms of format, the show is relatively straight forward and the only real update from previous iterations is that the prizes are better…there’s actual holidays to win! So, starting with 2 contestants who have to fill in the blank in a given sentence and then match it with what the 6 celebrities have also filled in, the one with the most matched moves on to the “Supermatch” round.

Prior to the show being recorded the studio audience are asked for their responses to a Blank within a sentence which makes up the Supermatch round. 3 of the celebrities are allowed to offer their guidance, but the highest scoring blank is worth 150 points, so the contestant really needs to choose carefully.

The entire process is then repeated with 2 more competitors with the overall winner being decided from the higher Supermatch round score. A sudden death tie break takes place, should the 2 finalists score the same.

And, of course, nobody goes home empty handed as there’s the much coveted Blankety Blank ChequeBook and Pen on offer….


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