Pointless is a quiz show, new to Challenge TV, hosted by Alexander Armstrong, with Richard Osman as assistant.

The object of the game is to score as few points as possible by giving correct answers that the public have not given, or scoring lower than other contestants. The contestants particularly try to look for answers which score no points, which are known as “Pointless” answers.

Finding a Pointless Answer adds £250 to the jackpot in rounds prior to the Final, and finding a Pointless Answer in the Final wins the game.

At the beginning of the show there are four teams (five in the first series) of two players. Any team which does not reach the final of the show on their first appearance is invited back for a second (and final) appearance on the next show.

The show has a rolling jackpot, beginning at £1,000, with £1,000 added to the total each time the team in the final round fails to win (thus the jackpot in play at the start of the next programme is £1000 higher than the jackpot unsuccessfully played for in the preceding show). When the jackpot is won, the next show’s prize resets to £1000.

The highest amount of money given out was £15,500 which was won on August 4, 2011. The topic was Hollywood Legends, and the question was Name Marlon Brando films. The Pointless answer was The Island of Dr Moreau.


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