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About Catchphrase

A game show in which the contestants compete to "say what you see!" and "if you see it, say it!" as an image representing a famous phrase, saying or catchphrase is slowly revealed by an electonic creation, Mr Chips, on a giant screen in the studio.

Roy Walker hosts this fast, high tech game show for all the family. There are no questions, just a barrage of new, brilliant and inventive animations, specially created to depict familiar expressions and well-known sayings, collectively known as Catchphrases.

In the main game, at the start of each round, one contestant msut stop a randomizer consisting of money amounts by hitting his/her button. The value landed on would be the amount for the normal catchphrases in that round.


Normal Catchphrase
The computer would slowly draw a catchphrase on the screen. When it was done, a bell would ring; the contestants could then buzz in and try to guess the answer. If the player that buzzed guessed wrongly, the other player would be offered the chance to guess. If a player guessed correctly, he/she would win the predetermined amount and have a chance to solve the Bonus Catchphrase. If one player got a normal catchphrase wrong and the other player incorrectly guesses the same catchphrase, the game would just continue with neither player getting the predetermined amount of money or a chance at solving the bonus catchphrase.

Bonus Catchphrase
A correct answer won the contestant the predetermined money amount, plus a chance to solve the Bonus Catchphrase, which was hidden behind nine squares with the show's logo on each. The contestant chose a square by hitting his/her buzzer to stop a randomiser on one of them. That square was then removed, and the contestant had five seconds to come up with an answer. If they were right, they won the amount of money in the Bonus Bank. If not, another normal catchphrase was played. If the Bonus Catchphrase was not solved after all nine squares had been removed, normal catchphrases would be played without the bell, the first contestant to buzz in and answer correctly winning the amount of money remaining in the Bonus Bank. Depending on how long it took to solve the bonus catchphrase, another game would be played with a higher possible amount in the randomiser and a larger amount in the Bonus Bank.

Ready Money Round
This round followed a similar structure to a standard round except that all normal catchphrases were worth a fixed amount of money and there was no bell, so the contestants could buzz in and answer them whenever they wished and as many times until the puzzle is solved or time runs out. If the end of game klaxon sounds and the Bonus Catchphrase had yet to be solved, the panels would be gradually removed until a player buzzed in with an answer. If neither player guessed correctly, a normal catchphrase would determine who won the Bonus Bank money.

Super Catchphrase
In the Super Catchphrase, the winning contestant faced a 5x5 board of 25 squares, each marked with a letter from A to Y in ascending order. The contestant chose a square and attempted to solve a catchphrase behind it. The aim was to get five squares in 60 seconds to win the luxury star prize.


  1. Hi Muhammad. If you want to be on Catchphrase you should go to the following website where you can apply. However, it looks like applications for the new series have now closed, but they might open it again if they do another series... Thanks

    Challenge 14 November 2013

  2. Hi Challenge any news and any luck on finding series 1-9 of Catchphrase at all, it would be great to have them back if you can find them, also any chance of Family Catchphrase with Andrew O'Connor coming back at all, many thanks.

    Kind Regards
    James Lee Robson

    James Lee Robson 06 February 2014

  3. Hi James. We are still investigating 1-9 of Catchphrase, it is proving very dificult to find. We have investigated Family Catchphrase before and unfortunately it will not be possible to get hold of it. Thank you

    Challenge 11 February 2014

  4. Hi Challenge, I believe Series 9 of Catchphrase (The last to use the original set, titles and music) was actually produced by Meridian and not TVS. I'm guessing that Meridian's archive may be more accessible than TVS is! Dunno if that helps :)

    Gary Cullen 09 May 2014

  5. Hi Gary. Thanks for your help. We are still trying to locate it, and have a new lead, but will investigate the Meridian route as well Fingers crossed! Thanks

    Challenge 14 May 2014

  6. Hello there

    I am fine thank you hope you are well

    I love Catchphrase the Nick Weir versions when Roy Walker's episodes ended in '98 all of Nick Weir versions first episode he did for the year 2000 when Roy Walker left he's the best presenter along with Mark Curry my favourite ones

    I love it when you re-play Nick Weir's very episode again show it late at night after 1am on Challenge +1 please thank you

    Also I would love to see Scavengers they did 24 episodes 12 in Series 1 and 12 in Series 2 presented by John Leslie love to see that be broadcasted late at night after 1am

    Same for Fort Boyard Series 1 and 2

    Thank you I love Challenge love game shows enjoying watching them Whittle as well when it's shown late at night and in the early hourse

    Thank you have a good week

    From Riz

    Riz Saeed 26 July 2015

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