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Takeshi's Castle

About Takeshi's Castle

Takeshi's Castle is one of the world's most recognized programs ever to be aired in Japan.

After its enormously popular run of 129 episodes in Japan (1986-1989), it went on to air in many countries world-wide including through Europe, North and South America and many parts of Asia.

The show was hosted by one of Japan's most recognized media celebrity, Takeshi Kitano (also known as "Beat" Takeshi). The success of Takeshi's Castle was mainly rooted in the humour provided by contestants who go through obstacle courses and games designed to make them fail and often slip, fall and get dirty in the classic slapstick sense. This coupled with the sheer size and complexity of some of the games, made Takeshi's Castle one of the most unique and funniest shows ever created.


The programme starts with over one hundred contestants. Beat Takeshi (comedian and star of the show) plays the role of the lord that controls the castle and its "fortifications", which are a variety of giant purposefully hilarious obstacles that the contestants must overcome. Takeshi is assisted by a band of cohorts in various costumes who operate some of the obstacles and provide some more humor.

More than one hundred different obstacles and games were invented and used in the series. Ten different games are usually used in each one-hour episode.


By the final game, enough contestants are eliminated so that there will be only five or so contestants. The games, which are the heart of the programme, are designed to make participants fail in a humorous way, though there are always some successful ones.


  1. Hi
    Are there are any DVDs of Takeshi's Castle (with Craig Charles)? All I can find is MXC.

    Cazzie Samson 03 November 2014

  2. Hello Cazzie. I'm sorry, but I don't believe that they are available to buy. Thank you.

    Challenge 03 November 2014

  3. Will there be a new series of Takeshi`s castle?

    rich taylor 07 November 2014

  4. Hi Rich. We are investigating other versions of Takeshi. But there are no more episodes available from Japan. Thanks

    Challenge 12 November 2014

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