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About Timeline

Timeline is the brand new quiz show on Challenge, hosted by comedian and TV presenter Brian Conley.

In this exciting new, studio-based show, three teams of contestants will compete against each other in a race against the clock to place in order key historical moments, cultural items, weights or distances, on a Timeline.

Each week, three teams of two will compete against the clock to complete a timeline from a choice of three categories. Each correct item on their Timeline, placed via a touch-screen panel, will earn the teams points. The team who scores the most and makes it to the final round will only have the time remaining on their clock to play the big money game. It means time really is money!


Family favourite and funny-man Brian Conley takes on the role of master of ceremonies as each round of Timeline brings a new twist with increasing levels of difficulty. Whether it's placing game shows in the order they appeared on TV, or working out which came first - the VCR or Live Aid, Brian will use his charm and charisma to interact with contestants, revealing whether the teams have placed their items correctly on Timeline.

In the final nerve wracking round, the remaining team with the most points will have the opportunity to win a big cash prize, but will they have enough time? The clock will be ticking...

Timelime is a 10 part series, produced by Whizz Kid Entertainment. If you miss the premiere, don't panic as there are plenty of opportunities to catch a repeat on the days below:

Friday at 11:30am
Sunday at 8pm
Monday at 10pm
Thursday at 3pm


  1. its great game show, i wish they have a game on pc, because dont have i0s or android

    James Weston 01 April 2014

  2. One of the best shows I have seen in a long while, wish you could make a new series :-)

    Matthew Tatler 26 August 2015

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