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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

About Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is the multi-award winning television show which launched on ITV1 in the UK on September 4th 1998 and is hosted by Chris Tarrant.

Ten contestants face the "Fastest Finger First" round where they must race to rearrange four answers into the correct order. Whoever does so in the quickest time goes through to the Hotseat to play for the incredible top prize of £1 Million!

In the high-pressure Hotseat, the contestant faces a money tree of increasingly difficult general knowledge questions.

The contestant has three Lifelines: Phone-A-Friend, Ask The Audience and 50:50 - and two "safe havens" where money they've earned is protected.

At any point, having viewed a question, the contestant can choose to walk away with any money they've won. But if they decide to play, and tell the host, "That's my final answer", then their answer will either take them through to the next question worth double the previous question, or send them out of the Hotseat with their winnings plummeting by thousands!

There have been 5 million pound winners in the UK: Judith Keppel, David Edwards, Robert Brydges, Pat Gibson and Ingram Wilcox.


In the celebrity specials celebrities play in pairs to win for their chosen charities. Celebrities that have been in the Hotseat include: George Michael, Simon Cowell, Jonathan Ross, Sir Terry Wogan, Piers Morgan, Lord Sugar, Will Young, Carol Vorderman, David Haye, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer, Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, Dermot O'Leary, Lesley Garrett, Paul O'Grady, Paddy McGuinness and Peter Kay.

In February 2006 Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen and his wife Jackie reached the million pound question. This turned out to be flawed, so they were invited back to play another million pound question, from which they walked away.


  1. Hi Callenge,

    What video editing software do you guys use as i am after a high quality editing program for my personal use.

    I know it's not really a millionaire question but i just figured that asking you would be a good place to start.


    Ben crowl 21 February 2015

  2. Hi Challenge Enjoying the re-runs, looking forward to seeing myself when we reach April 2004,its a great pity the programme cane to an end as I applied to get back on the show never got any response and found out why was told on Q.T. that it was all over being in showbiz ITV knew I wouldn't disclose this and sadly shortly after went public to state that was it! My Objective was nit just to win the £1m but to achieve it with all lifelines intact over the period the show was on only got 10 questions wrong! won on the cd rom, the online game that's how achieve being only one of 6 people from channel islands to get on the show took me almost 7 years! Then 85kth of a second prevented me getting in the hot seat mind you at reversal my questions were for £250k £500k David Briggs was in Chris's seat Chris was off to the side after I answered both questions everybody wanted me to be given the £1m question but alas David stated only two questions per contestant it was a Great Experience to Appear on the Show in recent times a millionaire USA
    app on my windows phone Ive taken over the whole of the scoreboard hitting a million twenty times

    Well I wanted to share my experience with everyone

    Kind Regards
    Stevie Ocean

    Stevie Ocean 23 February 2015

  3. Hi Challenge,

    Do you think either yourselves or Celador productions will ever make a complete DVD box set of millionaire?

    Obviously there isn't one at present but if the question is asked in your opinion would it be viable enough option to create such a thing as you know there are a lot of us millionaire! fans out there..... just worth a thought?



    Ben crowl 27 February 2015

  4. Hi Challenge,

    Just an observation.... a few years ago when you first started to show series 5 onwards of classic millionaire it was edited in such a way that the chat between chris and the contestant just after they have first settled into the hot seat was present but i have noticed now nearly every contestants first chat with Chris i.e when Chris tells us who the contestant has in the audience, what they do for a living etc has been cut for some unknown reason.

    I know it's a small issue but it's still quite annoying because if chris would make a joke or whatever just after their game begins we now have no idea what he's on about as all the conversation previously has been deleted! Can this be re-instated for future times please?

    Ben crowl 05 March 2015

  5. Hi,

    Will you be showing Series 17 again of WWTBAM?
    If you are, can you tell me when you will show this.

    Alex Kostas

    Alex Kostas 06 March 2015

  6. Hi Challenge,

    Any chance of a reply to my previous questions?

    Many Thanks.

    Ben crowl 19 March 2015

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