The votes are in for your Family Feud funnies


Family Feud joins Challenge today (Monday 13th June) at 7pm and is hosted by American comedian extraordinaire Steve Harvey. To get you in the mood we’ve tracked down a selection of some of the most outrageously funny clips that the internet will supply us with and have been asking for you to vote for your favourite on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Well, we’ve counted up the results and we always knew you had good taste…here are the ones you like best:

Joint 1st place – Hiding nuts for the winter?

Can’t think why this one rated so highly…! This sums up Family Feud completely. Perfect combination of risqué question, even more cheeky answers from the contestants and Steve Harvey having to muster all his inner strength not to giggle (this is a theme throughout the series).

Joint 1st place – We refuse to answer!

In joint first place we have 2 great clips which really endear us to the American version of this show – the first of which is this one. We’d have gone with sneezy!

3rd place – What has white balls?

Family Feud doesn’t shy away from the difficult issues. In fact, it actively encourages naughtiness by posing suggestive questions and letting the contestants roll with it…Les Dennis definitely gets a run for his money!


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